ByteWatch #002

Hey Friends,

Apologies for the late newsletter, but I am getting it out there today! Weekend was quite busy along with taking Jason Haddix's The Bug Hunters Methodology Live class for the second time (more on that in the letter) and helping my parents move into their new house. Family comes first.

Time Spent/Challenges

Time tracking wise, this is what I have for last week:



Learning (OSCP) 📖

10h 17m 58s

Writing (Content) 📝

1h 49m 45s

This is consistent with what I did last week so I am happy with that. I also started recording my writing into two projects, Journal and Content as well.

I am hoping this will help increase my consistency with writing more, like how i have OSCP and Golang as projects which have helped a ton.

Weekly Ideas/Thoughts

Another HTB Module Complete - Last week I completed another HTB Academy module on my way to obtaining my OSCP and CTPS. The specific module was Pivoting, Tunneling, and Port Forwarding and boy did it humble me in my lack of knowledge on pivoting and tunneling through different protocols. Learned a ton and was so rewarding completing the Skills Assessment at the end. I posted more of my thoughts on LinkedIn/X:

Jhaddix's The Bug Hunters Methodology Live Course - Yes, this is my second time taking the course and I'll be taking the course again. Jason is unmatched when it comes to providing top tier content to students, always iterating and improving all of the content with each cohort, bringing different guests to each class, and showing the "new hotness" in bug hunting. The Javascript Analysis portion alone was more than enough to make me want to take the class again. I plan to write a blog soon about my review of the class soon. Stay tuned.

(Focus + Consistency) x (Strategy x Mindset) = Winning - Since I've finished the Art of Focus last week, focus and increasing my "good" focus has been on my mind the most. Along with adding consistency, I can see it is a fundamental building block for winning at any skill or discipline. But this last week, I've been diving into stoicism (listening to Ryan Holiday's The Obstacle Is The Way) and game theory (The Art of Strategy by Barry J. Nalebuff and Avinash K. Dixit). It's becoming more apparent to me that with the right mindset and strategy (to improve your skills and utilize your skills best as possible) multiplied by your focus and consistency you'll be unstoppable. More on this in the next newsletter and a possible blog as well. 👀

Short of sweet for this week. Keep on crushing it and hope you all have a great week!


— Bytefl0w / Erik

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